Seth Resnick’s Vision Statement

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Swakopmund Dune Field on the Western Coast of Namibia

Seth Resnick

My images are a journey into the personal space of my subject literally traversing and surveying into that space.

I like graphic boundaries to place a limit on the space and through the use of layers and both straight and curved lines travel through that space deeply exploring the energy I feel from within that space.

I want my viewers to see my photographs as an opportunity to consider the larger, unseen realities that contribute to the energy and uniqueness of my subjects.

Ideally photographing isn’t just a record of a physical presence but a documentation of the encounter that exists between the energy I experience in my subject.  

In formal terms, my work is an exploration of a packed frame typically filled with layers in the form of light, texture and color.  I am interested in both the tension and solitude that exists within the frame.

I am attracted to primary colors and most importantly formal boundaries are very important in my images. When I am shooting I feel I am exploring fantasy of nature. The images that work the best for me explore feelings of sensuality and create illusions but at the same time emphasize our fragile environment and instill a sense of responsibility to preserve it from further destruction.

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Sossusvlei is a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes, located in the southern part of the Namib Deser

John Paul Caponigro’s Vision Statement

July 4, 2014 | Comments Off on John Paul Caponigro’s Vision Statement

Exhalation IV

John Paul Caponigro

Forms of environmental art rendered in virtual space, my work brings images conceived in the mind’s eye and held deep within the heart into clear focus.

These poetic journeys portray landscapes as sacred spaces, embedded within the larger web of life, sustaining and capable of generating more life, each with a unique character, spirit, and perhaps even different kinds of consciousness.

Exploring ways of walking through a beautiful world in a beautiful way, I invite others to celebrate with me the miracle that we are not apart from nature but a part of Nature.

These meditations in nature, illuminating the nature of perception and our perceptions of nature, offer inspiration for people to more fully experience and more creatively interact with our natural world.

When we speak of nature, if we replace “it” with “we”, a personal transformation occurs. Revitalize our relationships with nature and we revitalize ourselves.

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Inhalation I







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