The DPD Workshop Series

We offer unique adventures in creativity designed to help you develop your personal vision and style.

How do we recommend you get the most out of your DPD experience?

Start from the top and work your way down.

Pick A Destination – Enjoy a great adventure and see if we’re the right fit.

The Art Of Creativity – Learn to generate ideas and clarify your vision.

The Art Of Processing – Learn to process your files and define your style.

Your Personal Project At … – Put your creative skills into practice by making a new body of work in less than a week at an exotic domestic location.

Choose An International Destination – Put your creative skills into practice by making a new body of work in more than a week at an exotic international location.

Perfect Your Project – Polish your project to perfection making it ready to release effectively.

Repeat the same adventure or go on a new adventure ? Make more images !

But remember, like the creative process your path may not be this linear.

If you think another order works better for you – talk to us!

We look forward to hearing from you!


We offer more workshops individually.

Seths’ workflow workshops will help build your Lightroom skills.

D-65 – Store and retrieve your images effectively – process, print, and publish effortlessly.

JP’s printing workshops will help you make beautiful prints and build your Photoshop skills.

Fine Art Printing Int – Create beautiful prints to show your images in their best light, make them tangible and collectible.

Fine Art Printing Adv – Explore advanced techniques to refine your style.







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