Constellation VI

“DPD is the gold standard of photography workshops.

Powered by two very different industry leading professional photographers, DPD workshops are so much more than photo tours. Some say, “They’re life-changing experiences.”

There are always exotic locations, unique review sessions, and new high-quality seminars, which keep our alumni coming back for more. We’re proud that over 30% of our workshop participants are returning alumni. Our adventures create welcoming creative communities.

Our format and content varies based on location and duration.

Expect …

Introductory Seminars

Introductory sessions start the afternoon before our adventures begin.  Our half-day creativity and storytelling seminars set the stage for our discussions, demonstrations, exercises and reviews in the field. They’ll help you identify and develop a personal project during your adventure.

These sessions are required for first-time participants. They’re recommended but not required for alumni who have already attended these presentations; you’re likely to find the review useful and there’s always something new.

Personal Introductions

Participant introductions follow these foundation seminars. Plan to tell us about yourself and show your images in five minutes or less. (A lot of learning happens when you prepare for your presentation.) Everyone is required to attend. We share our first group dinner together afterward, sampling the local cuisine.


Based on group needs and desires identified during introductions, Seth and JP draw from their extensive library of presentations, which is too long to list here. Our seminars presented in transit are designed to stimulate creative thinking.  While they can be technical, technique is not the focus – seeing and vision are our focus. This makes them accessible to all of our participants whose technical level is varied, though it is high compared to the industry average. We can accommodate them all; sometimes this means addressing core conceptual issues deeply; other times it means making a quick deep dive into technique; often it means both. Seminars are only as technical as they need to be to demonstrate possibilities. The field is not the place to pursue in-depth Lightroom and Photoshop learning (though is the place to practice it); we recommend our studio workshops for this. We’re happy to answer any additional technical questions you have whenever there’s extra time.


Reviews or individual work happen multiple times in multiple formats during our journey. Exact timing depends on the pace of a specific adventure.

One On One Reviews

Everyone gets one on one time with Seth and JP. Bring images you’ve made before our current adventure. Bring questions. This is your time to use in any way you like. We’re here to help you in any way we can.

Group Reviews

Group reviews during our adventures are anonymous presentations of images made in transit designed to generate spontaneous honest feedback. These sessions can take multiple forms – your portfolio to date, random images made during our adventure, adventure project previews, creative post-processing of your images. No matter how good an image is we always ask, “How could it be improved?” You’ll learn a lot

Final Reviews

Final reviews present individual self-generated projects developed during our adventure. You’ll get lots of feedback about what’s working, what could be improved, and many new possibilities to consider exploring. We encourage you to think about how you will use your images and how to present them in the best light in the most effective ways.

Many participants find these reviews to be the most inspiring moments of our adventures. To see such incredibly diverse responses to similar experiences with similar tools is truly inspiring!

Alumni Follow Up Sessions

We invite our alumni (people who have traveled with us two or more times) to gather together for free follow up sessions to explore unleashing more possibilities in your images. These sessions take place the day after our adventure ends in our final destination. If you plan to attend, plan to return one day later.

Long after the workshop is over, we invite you to share your successes with the world on our blogs and in our social networks.







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