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Stop taking pictures and start making images.

Our dedication to craft is extreme and we place it in the service of vision. We teach much more than technique. We offer proven ways of developing your creative life.

Our goal is not just to take you to Bucket List Destinations, it’s to help you discover your destination.

We’re committed to helping you discover your story, your vision, your voice and achieve your creative goals.

Anyone can take pictures but creating a series of related images with a clear purpose, subject, theme, and style is a much different process – and it’s more fulfilling. The personal discoveries you make along the way will make your images more meaningful, powerful, and effective. We can help you do this. This is what differentiates us from all others.

Have you ever photographed a sand dune? What interests you most about that subject – color, texture, line, form? Once you identify that essential element, what are qualities that you associate with that subject – flowing, organic, sensual, abstract?  Answer these and other questions like them and you’ll be well on your way to making more authentic and personally meaningful images. Our workshops can help you ask and answer the questions that are the keys to setting your vision free.

Defining your vision is something that most artists have a hard time doing. Finding the words you resonate with can not only significantly improve your images but also help you find your next step.

Our alumni’s successes are proof that what we share works. Our alumni often join us many times in many locations, not only to travel to great locations, with friends both old and new, but also to pursue personal development. They create a community that eagerly welcomes new members. You can become an alumni too and enjoy all of the benefits we collectively offer.

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